Country Corner Corn Maze

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Get Lost in Our Maze!Fantastic fall fun in our huge corn maze featuring several different family-fun corn maze games!

  • 8 acres of twisting, winding Trails
  • New & Exciting Challenges
  • Team Building Games
  • Flashlight Maze - 3 Saturday nights in Sept, and Fri & Sat nights in October
  • Daytime Admission is only $5 per person,
    2 and under free with accompanying adult admission

Families have built a tradition around seeing who can solve the maze the fastest. Groups and organizations hold team building parties; Schools & teachers challenge their students with the selection of different age level opportunities!

Corn Maze Games:

  • Hidden Checkpoints
  • New Twists & Turns
  • Team Challenges

Explore our corn maze, u-pick pumpkin patch, and farm fun activities!

More Fun in Our Mini Maze!

Funky Pumpkin Face Trace Game

Young and old delight as they create pumpkin faces with the Funky Pumpkin Game. Take a blank 'Pumpkin' paper, then search for our three stations - Eyes, Noses and Mouths!

At each station you can choose from 4 different options to create your very own Funky Pumpkin Face. Match your face with the chart of all 64 possible faces and discover the Funky Pumpkin's name.

Funky Pumpkin Face Trace Game

Funny Finger Find Game

Find the five stations, get a five color pattern, and then the fun begins!  Each station holds a different color pastel for the tip of the your finger.

Once you find them all, match the pattern of colors on your hand to our chart and receive your fortune number. Your fortune will give you something funny to do in front of your friends or tell you your lucky food.

The Fabulous Finger Find Game

Our giant corn maze is a great way to test your navigation skills as a group team building excersice!

School Groups to the Maze

Our school tours love our Corn Maze and Corn Agronomy Lab.

Schools-Corn Agronomy -
This activity is designed as either a self guided program that individuals can read all the questions and answers scattered along the trail to a central point where a classroom size area has been cut in the maze. A staff member will take a scheduled group for a ten to twenty minute program to discuss "How Corn Affects Our Lives."
(Pre-registration Required)