Ripening Calendar

Below are the plants, vegetables, and fruit sold at Country Corner and sold in our farm market.

The dates shown indicate approximately when the individual produce is ripe and available for sale. If you are coming to the farm for a particular item, please call first: (309) 629-2359, as growing dates vary each season.

May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov.
Acorn Squash x x x x x
Apples x x x x
Asparagus x x
Beets x x
Brussel Sprouts x
Buttercup Winter Squash x x x x
Butternut Winter Squash x x x x
Cabbage x
Cauliflower x
Cucumbers x x x x
Eggplant x x x
Garden Onions x x x
Green Beans x x x
Green Tomatoes x x x
Heart of Gold Winter Squash x x x x
Hot Peppers x x x x
Head Lettuce x
Kohlrabi x
Musk Melons x x x
New Potatoes x x x x
Okra x x
Onions x x x
Peaches x x x
Pickle Cucumbers x x x
Popcorn x x x x x x x
Pumpkins x x x
Raspberries x x x
Specialty Melons x x x
Strawberries Late
Sweet Corn x x x x
Sweet Peppers x x x x
Tomatoes x x x x
Watermelon x x x x
Yellow Summer Squash x x x x
Zucchini x x x